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  1. COSTS

The cost per child is advertised in our current information pack. There is no GST applicable to this excursion. Adults in excess of 1 teacher and 3 adults per class (of 25-30 students) will be charged the full program admission. 


Council conditions prohibit our program from commencing prior to 8:45am. Parking onsite is strictly limited and designed to accommodate buses only. 


Once you have submitted a booking request, we will email you a deposit invoice for your allocated excursion date. A deposit of $200 is required to confirm each excursion day. We will hold your requested date as a tentative booking for two weeks while you arrange payment. If a deposit is not received within that time your requested date may become available to other schools.

A minimum charge of $600 applies per excursion day. If you have a very small group, please discuss with us the possibility of combining with another school in order to reduce costs.


Your excursion date will be confirmed upon receipt of your deposit. The final balance invoice will be emailed to you according to the number of students who attend your excursion and is payable within 7 days of the date of the invoice.


Requests to change an existing booking must be received in writing at least one month prior to your original excursion date. Refer to our online calendar for remaining available dates. Your deposit is transferable to another date within the same calendar year. If the remaining available dates in the same calendar year are unsuitable for you, we may offer to transfer your deposit to the following calendar year. If there are no available dates remaining in the same calendar year, your deposit will automatically be applied to the following calendar year.


Cancellations to an existing booking must be received in writing at least two months prior to your excursion date in order to have your deposit refunded, less a $50 administration fee. If we receive your cancellation request within two months of but more than two weeks before your excursion date, your deposit will be forfeit. If you cancel your excursion within two weeks of the excursion date, you will be liable for full payment of your excursion, based on your latest student numbers.


The program will run as intended in the event of showers/light rain. Please advise your students to bring raincoats. If heavy rain/storms are imminent on the morning of your excursion, we will contact you prior to 7am on the after-hours number provided to discuss suitable options. In the event that the after-hours number supplied by you is not attended, and there is a need to postpone the program, then part or all of your deposit may be forfeited to cover staff costs.


8.1  We will facilitate the program and its activities with a maximum duration of 5.5 hours, commencing at 9am and concluding at 2:30pm, unless altered times are negotiated prior to your excursion date. We reserve the right to make changes, without notice, to the program schedule/activities, including shortening/lengthening/omission, to best fit your time on site.

8.2 In facilitating the program activities we shall exercise the degree of skill, care and diligence normally exercised by outdoor leaders facilitating activities of a similar nature.

8.3  In the event that we cannot facilitate your excursion for any reason your deposit will be refunded in full. This does not include variation/cancellation on your behalf.

8.4  We strive to maintain an environment that is as positive and safe as possible for your group. If anyone behaves in a manner that we consider to be unsafe, we will remove them from the activities.

8.5  We will personalise the site for your students by adorning structures around the township with student names in accordance with their roles on the day IF those student names are submitted to us by no later than the Wednesday of the week before your excursion date. 

8.6  We reserve the right to make changes, without notice, to the program (including activities, prices and dates offered) at any time. However, the price per student will not change in the duration between our receipt of a deposit and our facilitation of the excursion to which that deposit applies.

8.7  We reserve the right to combine your group with that of another school to the total of up to 120 students on any excursion day. We will always discuss this with you in advance.

8.8  We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to your group’s property prior to, during or after your excursion.

8.9     Our INSURANCES:

    • Public Liability – sum insured of $20million • Workers Compensation for employees of Eureka Excursions Pty Ltd as required by law



As the organising teacher, you:

9.1 Agree to advise us in advance if your group includes students with special needs and the name of the adults responsible for the care of those students.

9.2 Agree to advise us in advance if your group includes students with mobility issues (i.e. wheelchairs)

9.3 Agree to ensure that all students and adults attending are wearing fully enclosed footwear.

9.4 Agree to forward our information pack (which we email to you) to all attending teachers. 

9.5 Agree to advise us of accurate details (i.e. student/adult numbers, arrival/departure times) by no later than the Wednesday of the week prior to your excursion.

9.6 May access our online risk assessments but we recommend you inspect the site (by appointment) to perform your own risk assessment in accordance with the specific needs of your group, especially if it contains students with physical disabilities.

9.7 Agree to provide to parents/guardians of all students who may attend the excursion a copy of the disclaimer contained in our information pack. You agree to return those disclaimers (completed in full) to us prior to/on the day of your excursion. You acknowledge that any student who has not returned a completed disclaimer signed by their parent/guardian is not permitted to attend the excursion and will not be brought to site.

9.8 Acknowledge that all attending adults, employees and volunteers alike, must complete and return to us on your excursion day a copy of the adult disclaimer which we provide to you.

9.9 Confirm that you are an authorised representative of your school and have made this booking with the permission of your school administration/leadership.

9.10 Confirm that your school has public liability insurance to protect your students anywhere in Australia to the value of at least $20 million, as well as a Work Cover policy as required by law for its paid employees.

9.11 Acknowledge that any adult volunteers who attend the excursion are appointed by your school and as a result belong to your school, so are protected by your school’s volunteers Work Cover policy.

9.12 Acknowledge that all adults attending the excursion are required to actively supervise your students and their behaviour with the same level of responsibility/duty of care as is required by the teaching profession.

9.13 Agree to advise us in advance of the contact details of the replacement organising teacher in the event you take leave or transfer to another workplace. You also agree to inform that replacement organising teacher of all the details of your school’s booking with us.


Eureka Excursions facility is open for inspection by appointment.
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