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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I access an information pack with all the details of your excursion?

    Sure can. On our Gold Rush excursion page there are links to our information pack, risk assessments, disclaimers, and terms and conditions. A copy of all these documents will also be emailed to teachers who book an excursion with us. Teachers, please ensure you and your colleagues who will be attending the day read the info pack thoroughly in advance.
  2. What’s the best way to contact you?

    Email. During school hours we are really busy running excursions, so sending us an email with all the details of your enquiry will allow us to respond via email as quickly as possible. Please read the FAQs and information pack before you send us an email – we have tried to make these comprehensive so they will mostly likely answer your questions. If you would prefer we call you back rather than respond via email, please include your best contact number and time to call in your email. If it is urgent, please call us repeatedly on 0401295246.
  3. Are you covid-safe?

    Absolutely. Staff are vaccinated and we provide a copy of our covid-safe plan to teachers who book an excursiuon with us. It can also be accessed here.
  4. Can parent helpers attend with their child’s school?

    Our Covid-Safe plan requires us to restrict non-essential adults. Some schools may require a very small number of non-teaching adults to attend in order to meet their WHS adult:student ratio. Teachers, please ensure that all supervising adults fit on your bus.
  5. What is your address?

    We are a private venue accessible by appointment only. Public walk-ins are not permitted at any time. Our excursions are facilitated in the suburb of Belivah 4207, approximately 7km outside of Beenleigh. Site access is only via our laneway at 112 Stubbin Street, Belivah 4207. There is NO access to our site via Belivah Road.
  6. What if we are running late on the day?

    Teachers, please call us on 0401295246.
  7. Can you accommodate wheelchairs?

    There is a gravel path of suitable gradient which makes it possible for a wheelchair to move around the majority of the site. We also have a disability toilet. However, we always recommend teachers who haven’t attended our excursion call us to arrange a site visit prior to the excursion to be fully aware of the terrain of our outdoor classroom. We understand a vehicle maybe required to transport someone with special needs.
    Please call us in advance on 0401295246 to make arrangements.
  8. What is the duration of the full program?

    The full program runs for 5.5 hours, from 9am – 2:30pm.
  9. Can we stay longer than 5.5 hours?

    Unfortunately, no. Our program is designed for a maximum of 5.5 hours.
  10. What if we can’t stay for the full duration?

    Let us know your arrival and departure times via your booking form/details page and, based on the amount of time you will be onsite, we will adjust the program accordingly. Please be aware that less time onsite may result in the removal of one/more of our activities. We prioritise quality over quantity – the full program of activities squeezed into less time will keep students extremely busy but not necessarily learning, discovering, enjoying or appreciating in the same way. Please trust our judgment (based on many years of program facilitation).
  11. Can we arrive earlier than 9am?

    Council regulations limit us to an 8:45am start. This is the earliest you can arrive (and your 5.5 hour program would then conclude at 2:15pm).
  12. Can we finish later than 2:30pm?

    Unfortunately, no (due to council regulations).
  13. How much does it cost?

    Minimum charges and the current price per student are listed in the information pack, accessible via our website. Supervising class teachers are free of charge.
  14. Does the price change with more/less time onsite?

  15. What do students and teachers need to bring?

    Students: morning tea, lunch, water bottle, hat, fully enclosed shoes, 20 cents, insect repellent, raincoat and jumper (if required based on forecast)
    Teachers: Lunch, water bottle, first aid kit, disclaimers for all adults and students, sunscreen, raincoat, jumper if necessary, hat, fully enclosed shoes, insect repellent
  16. Can teachers and students attend without a completed disclaimer?

    No. We must have a completed and signed disclaimer for all students and adults. If not received prior to commencement of the program, we cannot proceed.
  17. What about wet weather?

    If we (or the organising teacher) have concerns about the weather forecast we will have a chat over the phone by 7am on the morning of the excursion to discuss options. Teachers, if you need to have this conversation with us earlier to avoid bus cancellation costs in the event that heavy rain means we can’t go ahead with your day, please contact us at a time that meets your bus company deadlines. Light showers
    won’t stop us from going ahead.
  18. What do the students wear?

    To maximise the enjoyment of the day we recommend all adults and children dress up like it is the 1850s.
    Character suggestions include: teacher, baker, general store keeper, blacksmith, entertainer, coach driver, squatter, digger, assayer, banker, claims officer, tent maker, butcher, sly grog shop owner, trap (constable, sergeant etc), governor.
    No hire costumes (children and costumes can get quite dirty on the day).
    No bushrangers (we already have one of those and one is enough).

  19. What kind of activities will the students take part in?

The full program consists of a special welcome, safety rules, observation and discussion, tent making, role plays, mapping, gold licences and the gold rush game.
The duration of some of these activities may be altered (or an activity may be omitted) to best suit your arrival and departure times.

Eureka Excursions facility is open for inspection by appointment.
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