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Gold Rush Excursion

Years 4 - 6

Gold Rush is a full day, interactive learning experience. It has been described as 'A great, real-life authentic learning experience' and 'outstanding!'

Role-plays, tent making, observation and mapping activities all combine to engross your students in the life of a simulated New South Wales gold field township of 1854.

Set in thick bushland, the thriving, tented township is personalised each day for the participating children.

Businesses are active, licences are bought, and gold is sought and exchanged. Your students won't just learn about this period in Australia's history - they'll live it!


The Gold Rush program addresses the SOSE, English, Technology, Arts, Mathematics, and HPE key learning areas. Through various ways of working students are able to develop Knowledge and Understanding in the following strands:

  • Speaking and Listening
  • Time, continuity and change
  • Place and space
  • Culture and identity
  • Political and economic systems
  • Technology as a human endeavour
  • Information, materials and systems
  • Drama
  • Number
  • Chance and data
  • Space
  • Health


The year is 1854. Diggers arrive at the goldfields suffering from a seemingly incurable sickness, GOLD FEVER! A thriving, tented township has sprung up, almost overnight, with businesses and diggers tents everywhere.

Will the 'new chums' find their fortune, or will they be swindled by unscrupulous characters or even robbed by bushrangers?

Will they leave rich or destitute?

At the goldfields, new chums will:

  • Footslog through thick Australian bush in search of the township
  • Be surprised when bailed up by a nasty bushranger on horseback
  • Find businesses with their own names on them
  • Use maps to explore the goldfields
  • Role play a number of situations that may have occurred during the Australian Gold Rush
  • Construct tents in groups
  • Buy gold licences…… before playing the GOLD RUSH game


  • Our excursions are based on a 5 ½ hour program
  • Cost of the day program in 2021is still only $24.00/child (2022-$26) (+ 20 cents to be brought by the child on the day) - (A minimum charge of $600 may apply).This cost includes a fun-filled day of hands-on learning + gold licence + certificates + prizes.
    Site location: 7 km from Beenleigh, Qld
  • A deposit of $200 per day will be required to confirm your booking.
  • A final invoice will be forwarded to you based on the number of students who attend on the day.

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